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Contributing to society; connected people

We believe in making a positive difference in the communities where we live and work. By means of our digital connections, but also by connecting our people to those local communities. You, our employees are the ones who put our corporate values into daily practice. NXP is a social responsible company, meaning that we also would like society to benefit from the qualities of our employees. We adhere to the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations. This means that through corporate sponsorships, employee volunteerism and employee giving we are committed to supporting our communities in, among others, the areas of (technical) education (SDG 3), health & wellbeing (SDG 4) and decent work & economic growth (SDG 8).

Volunteer calendar
NXP is one of the founders of Samen voor Eindhoven, a foundation that makes is easy to connect you with a local cause you really care about. We have been working together intensively for a number of years, resulting in several matches with nonprofit organizations in Eindhoven. For example, we donated furniture and laptops, provided the Microbit training to elementary schools and shared our knowledge and skills to the management teams of several nonprofits.

Positive experience
By sharing your time and skills with a nonprofit organization in the area, you allow yourself to gain a whole new experience. You get to use your talents in a completely different way and meet different people and hear different stories. All while making a vital contribution to the wellbeing of another person. That is inspiring and motivating and something you will likely never forget.

You can make a difference
Sign up for a volunteering project you personally care about. You can either choose a specific NXP project focused on one of the three aforementioned SDGs or select an activity from the calendar with individual volunteer opportunities.

Tailor-made activities & impactdays for teams
You can also ask Samen voor Eindhoven to exclusively create and organize a team-building activity or impact day for your department or team of colleagues. Please contact Maaike de Jonge or call 06 - 55695527. We are in building HTC 60 on the 5th floor.

Join our NXP Employee Volunteering Program, with various opportunities:

1. Fill in the invitation code above: NXP (with capital letters)

2. Choose your favorite volunteer activity and register

Doing good makes you happy


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