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Natuur & milieu, Global Goal 15: Leven op het land
Klussen,Voor groepen,Populaire projecten

Minimum leeftijd (met volwassene) 18+, Minimum leeftijd:18+


For whom and why?

Green is healthy. Nature is good for our development, increases our happiness and reduces stress. Yet, despite these positive effects, the distance between humans and nature is; never been this big. IVN wants to do something about this. In this way this association works on a (living) world where contact between child and nature is obvious, so that they playfully build a bond with nature. But in addition to nature education for the little ones, there are also activities and courses for adults and the elderly. Consider a mushroom or pine tree excursion, a bird course or a nature photography workshop. Meanwhile, many IVN volunteers make people at the local level aware of the value of nature and the importance of sustainability. But we can always use more helping hands. Do you and your colleague offer us your commitment?
What are we going to do?
As a volunteer, you and your colleagues get to work in the forest, because just before the autumn announces, there is plenty to do. That way we can use your help in the woods in Veldhoven. Because no machines are allowed, we are dependent on manpower, which is why we need a lot of helping hands. You are going to cut away all the small trees and shrubs, species that do not belong there in the forest, by hand. In this way the plant species that do belong in that forest get more room to grow.
Practical information
This activity can only be done by the group. Make sure you have suitable clothing for working in the forest.

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